Fashion Revolution Week Pop-Up Designer Event - Isle of Dogs, East London

26 Apr 2018
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This week marks 5 years since the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, a tragic event that shocked the world and made millions of people reassess their understanding of the fashion industry and their relationship to it. It brought into focus the unsound labour practices, prevalent in the fashion industry, which place profits above health and safety, and products above the people who make them.

An immediate response to this event was the birth of Fashion Revolutiona movement which raises awareness of ethical and sustainability issues and campaigns for progressive change in the industry. 

The anniversary week of the Rana Plaza disaster (24th April) became known as Fashion Revolution Week and is the most prominent event in the movement's calendar. This is the week when consumers take to their social sites and ask #WhoMadeMyClothes.



 To represent, we joined 28 other brands in a fabulous pop-up event in Canary Wharf's Isle of Dogs in East London. Running until May 7th, it's hosted by Kitty Ferreira & Friends and showcases the high standard of design that can be produced without compromising labour rights or sustainability concerns. 

Among the great designers showcasing at the event are Kay Reed and Lynton Jackson, two silversmiths working with reclaimed silver and intimately connected with animal charities; Kitty Ferreira, making very elegant, high-end womenswear using cruelty-free silk and Ghanaian Kente; Kylie Siobhan, an artisan natural dyer working with silk.... and many more!  

Cock & Bull Tweed Collection are thrilled to be associated with these great designers and this movement to promote an ethical and sustainability agenda in the fashion industry! You can find the Kitty Ferreira and Friends Fashion Revolution pop-up event until 7th May at 39 Pepper St, Canary Wharf E14 9RP. Unfortunately, Cock & Bull Tweed Collection has another event - The Cycle Revolution and The Tweed Run (but that's another blog post) - on Saturday, May 5th and will be vacating Isle of Dogs on Friday the 4th. To be sure to catch us, make sure you visit by Thursday 3rd. We hope to see you there!

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