Waistcoats, Caps and Bow Ties - Tweed for Weddings (Yes, Even in Summer!)

20 Jul 2018
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When we launched Cock & Bull Tweed Collection, we had no idea just how popular it would be with men tying the knot. In retrospect, it makes a great deal of sense though - your wedding day is a time to invest in something very special for yourself and the family you’re starting.

Tweed has always been hugely popular at weddings for several reasons. Firstly, it is a dream to tailor. Tailoring is construction as much as it is sewing, which is why a well-tailored item looks so damn sharp. Layers of interfacing and tweed are built up with darts and vents to achieve that crisp, structured, tailored look. It’s like style on tap.

Detail of a Purple Herringbone Tailored Waistcoat by Cock & Bull Tweed Collection

Detail of a Purple Herringbone Tailored Waistcoat by Cock & Bull Tweed Collection

Secondly, tweed is so classy and there are so many great colours, patterns and textures to choose from. You can make a bold statement, an understated statement or anywhere in-between. You can match it with your wife-to-be’s dress, or the theme colour of the wedding. And of course for same-sex marriages, complementary tweed outfits have also proved very popular.

We have, in the past, tailored fully bespoke three-piece suits for grooms, a service we hope to reintroduce as our capacity grows. But in fact, we’ve found that our tweed waistcoats, sans a matching suit, have been a hugely popular choice for weddings. Paired with a crisp white shirt, a tweed waistcoat can look incredibly stylish when worn alone or with a contrasting suit jacket. And when celebrations start to swing it’s still possible to feel relaxed and look super smart - even while dancing.

A bespoke three-piece tweed suit in Ink Blue Herringbone by Cock & Bull Menswear, circa 2015

A Bespoke Three-Piece Tweed Suit in Ink Blue Herringbone by Cock & Bull Menswear, circa 2015

It’s hard to know exactly how many of our garments have been destined to walk down the aisle, but we often do special requests for weddings. We also send courtesy emails to a lot of our customers and often find out from their responses that they have dressed themselves in a tweed waistcoat for a wedding. Tweed bow ties are also popular. One customer bought eight Purple Herringbone tweed bow ties to kit out all the men from the inner circle of guests for the wedding. They matched his Purple Herringbone tweed waistcoat and created a theme which brought them all together visually. While one wouldn’t wear a tweed cap to walk down the aisle or when dining at the reception, there’s no reason not to arrive in one and wear it when outdoors after the ceremony - a matching or properly contrasting cap can really take an outfit to the next level! 

‘But isn’t it hot?’ I hear you ask. You’d be surprised. Cock & Bull Tweed Collection is a little different from traditional country-wear tweed. Country tweeds and Harris Tweeds are very heavy and made from coarse, rough virgin wool. Cock & Bull Tweed Collection, however, use tweed from the mills of Breanish Tweed. Like Harris tweed, it is woven by hand in the crofters’ homes on the Isle of Lewis. Unlike Harris Tweed, they use a softer, finer Shetland wool yarn from the mainland, resulting in a softer, lighter and more elegant tweed more suited to occasion wear than to hunting grouse on the moors. And it’s also significantly cooler (in temperature and in style). Also, handwoven tweed has a relatively loose weave and wool is naturally quite breathable, qualities that also help keep things cool. Our tweed waistcoats have handled many a hot summer wedding with grace!

Denim Blue Herringbone Tweed Waistcoat by Cock & Bull Tweed CollectionDenim Blue Herringbone Tweed Waistcoat by Cock & Bull Tweed Collection


Denim Blue Herringbone Waistcoat by Cock & Bull Tweed Collection

Remember, if what you’re interested in is out of stock, we can probably have it made for you. The process can take anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks, depending on the time of year and if we have the tweed in stock, or if we need to order it. And don’t forget we take special orders if you want something a bit different! Take a look at our Special Order Creations page for more information.

Free delivery on all UK orders
Free delivery on all UK orders
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